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Oct 16, 2005
guys, im this close to losin it.

here are my questions:

i took three practice exams and haven't seen whopping increases. i know practice is important, but taking two exams every weekend is not helping because it takes me so long to review it and i don't have time to review everything/anything else. i feel like i make the same mistakes over again......should i hold off this weekend and just study? i was planning to do two practice tests up untill D day.

second, ---stupid but im serious--tell me yr bubbling strategy. cuz obviously bubblling after the 5th passage or so is not helping. i am surprised such a stupid thing really eats up your time.


do you guys read passages for bio/ps or no? w/bio you sometimes have to but in the ps section it looks like a waste of time. yes?

good luck and sorry for the spelling errors....


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Oct 18, 2005
I took a full exam one day, then next day I would go over it completely and note the topics on which I missed questions. I would then spend the day (or even two days) studying those topics until I mastered them and would not make the mistakes again.

My bubbling strategy is to bubble after every passage. I am paranoid about a bubbling error so this gives me like 8 times to check and make sure I'm filling in the right bubbles.

Yes, ALWAYS read the passages.