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Discussion in 'Step I' started by DeVyne, May 5, 2004.

  1. DeVyne

    DeVyne Junior Member
    7+ Year Member

    Nov 21, 2003
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    Hi everybody, I hope everthing's going good and you're studying well for your courses and the boards! :D Guys, these are the books I have:

    -High yield gross Anatomy/Dudek
    -High yield Neuroanatomy/Fix
    -High yield Behavioural/Fadem
    -High yield Embryology/Dudek
    -Lipincott's Biochem
    -BRS Pathology/Schneider, Basic Pathology/Kumar,Cotran&Robbins
    -BRS Physiology/Constanzo
    -Lipincott's Pharmacology, Katzung&Trevors Exam&board review
    -BRS microbiology and immunology.
    -First Aid
    -Underground Clinical Vignettes

    Ok, here's the question, are these books enough for studying/reviewing? Is BRS micro&immuno a good book? I'll be getting micro made ridiculously simple, should I get 'medical micro&immno, examination &board review/Levinson' as well? What about the Step Up series?
    Is there any other book that I would need to increase my chances of doing better? Thanks guys, and good luck with your studying!
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