Boston University vs. Rush

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May 12, 2023
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I've been very fortunate to get to pick between these options but am feeling pretty torn. I was initially very set on BU because of the higher ranking/prestige (cost of attendance would be nearly identical), but after visiting Rush I am reconsidering. My family is in CA, so both are far regardless. I hope to eventually match back into CA, and as of now I'm thinking of cardiology. For cardiology, my impression is that matching into a good name academic IM program in CA would set me up best. My main dilemma is that BU is higher ranked/has more research opportunities, but students at Rush seem unbelievably happy and close (plus I already have a couple very close friends in Chicago and close family friends in the suburbs nearby so would have a greater initial/existing support system in Chicago than Boston).

How considerable is the ranking/strength of BU compared to Rush for setting me up to match into a good name residency program back in CA (especially now that step 1 is P/F)? And any insight on how happy/close BU students are? Not sure if I just have a skewed initial impression based on what I've seen from BU and Rush, or if Rush is truly where I'd be happier and have more community.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!

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