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Sep 18, 2015
Hi, I'd like some educated people to take a look at this brain MRI. I have all the symptoms of MS (multiple sclerosis) and recently had a brain MRI. I am female, age 35. I saved all the images and put them in a zip file, please take a look:

And here are my symptoms:

1. chronic muscle pain, muscle spasms/twitches of entire body (happens mostly when lying down to relax, sometimes my body jumps like 6 inches off of the bed)

2. muscle tightness & weakness

3. electric shock/sharp pain sometimes when I turn my head

4. eyesight getting worse & seeing dark spots

5. clumsiness getting worse (running into things, dropping things out of hands)

6. chronic fatigue, even after a full night's rest

7. depression

8. short-term memory loss

9. hard to find "the right words" sometimes...pausing between thoughts

10. slower thinking and reaction time

11. confusion

12. dizziness/lightheadedness

13. intolerance to heat & profuse sweating

14. urinary incontinence, urgency, & interrupted sleep. Sometimes, I get the sensation that my bladder has not emptied completely...then it goes away

15. constipation

16. difficulties swallowing sometimes

17. tips of fingers on left hand numb constantly

18. hand tremors

19. sometimes upon waking, both hands are numb, tingly, very swollen, and painful

20. some evenings I am woken up because my hands are numb, tingly, & painful

21. leg/legs go numb if sitting for too long

22. numb patches on body come and go (head, legs)

23. over sensitive hearing and touch sensations

24. sexual dysfunction (numbness of clitoris and vagina with occasional dryness & the inability to reach orgasm, some days I feel "normal", and other days very highly sensitive almost to the point of being painful)

25. sometimes my left leg "gives out"

26. trouble with balance (ex: hiking on rocks, using stairs, standing on one leg in shower to wash)

27. sometimes my brain wants my body to do something but the action is delayed or I need to really concentrate to complete the task

28. trouble swallowing at times (not food, just saliva): I actually have to stop, take a breath, and focus on swallowing

29. uncontrollable hiccups

30. tearing/stabbing pains in back

31. itchiness for no apparent reason

32. cannot sit, stand, or lie in any position for too long...back pain, leg/arm/hand numbness

33. cannot walk for too long before knees, ankles, & feet hurt...fatigue sets in quickly too

34. "fumbly" walking

35. joint laxity/tenderness....sometimes even the little joints in my fingers and toes hurt/ache

36. all joints becoming more tender as time goes on

37. weird sensations like little "pin-pricks" on my skin at various locations

38. muscle tightness in legs (feel like rubber bands)

Again, the MRI images can be downloaded here:

Thank you!



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Go to the American Academy of Neurology to find a neurologist. SDN is NOT for medical advice.
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