For Sale Brand new Princeton Review self-paced online class!!!

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Jan 22, 2021
I am an international student now leaving back to my country since my grandfather is sick and I am going to continue my medical career in my country. Now I have to sell all my resources in a Hurry!!!
The princeton reiview only gives 277 days to access the class but I extended it to end of December, If you need I can call Princeton to extend it to a later time!!!
The Princeton review is a really great online class and I will sell you in brand new shape. It contains all the books, video, full-length tests, lots of practices, also!!! All the AAMC products that you must buy anyway before you take MCAT and I will offer a really really great deal for you!!!
I would also give out my exmkracker books and kaplan books for free if anyone take this offer!
you can also contact me through this email: [email protected]

Thanks guys!!!
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