Apr 21, 2020
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Does anyone actually read breakdowns? If you've already taken the DAT why do care? If you haven't stop wasting your time and go study!!! haha Ideally this is for someone just starting to study for the DAT but hopefully you aren't starting now in June haha Maybe you can find something useful in this, but probably not as there is already more information than you need on SDN loll

General stuffs
- Studied for 3 months 12-16 hours a day
- Basically only used DAT Bootcamp
- 8 full length tests last two for questions Scores in document below you can use this to gage your progress against me. No guarantee you'll be the same.
- Highlights of important stuff below

I was much faster on the real test. DAT bootcamp I rarely finished with any time remaining but on the real test I finished with like 20 minutes on the sciences, 15 minutes on PAT, and 10 minutes on RC. This was huge. I went back over all my questions and found multiple mistakes on each section.

General Study Strategy
Spent March 22nd to May 30 watching bootcamp videos and reading bio notes. I made Anki cards of literally everything (over 3000, some with paragraph explanations) I would spend 2-6 hours reviewing every day (200-300 flash cards) time SPACED repetition IS ESSENTIAL for long term studying or you will forget the material FOR SURE. I think this is what allowed me to have fast recall on test day speeding me up which helped a bunch. After the learning stage I took a ton of practice test. Each test I would review all questions reading the entire explanation of every question (yes it took forever). Then After a few days i would go over the questions i got wrong, and make flashcards of what I got wrong.

BEFORE test I redid all the bootcamp question banks. The last two days before the test I did the questions from practice test 9 and 10. For me I noticed PAT and RC changed very fast, If i did a lot of PAT and RC practice right before my test I was a LOT sharper. So the last two days i also studied slightly more PAT and did two RC tests.

Reading Comp - 25
First I read the whole passage, then I did hybrid of read the first few paragraphs then search and destroy where I got the 23… I thought S&D must be more effective but got the 18 and 20 (see practice test document) so no. On the real test I did read the first 3 paragraphs, answered questions, then read and answered so on.. After I had read half the passage I understood what was going on well enough to do S&D for the rest. For me It DID NOT work to do S&D before I had read a decent chunk of the article and understood it. OH and skip questions you haven't read or don't know and MARK questions you are unsure about. This way you know the difference, an extra level of labeling.

RC REAL DAT - one passage 14ish paragraphs, one 5 (crazy! and the questions were in order), and one like 15.. in general they were shorter paragraphs and more straightforward questions than bootcamp.

PAT - 30
I think the key for this is already being good at it haha justttt kidding. I started PAT for fun before i started rigorously studying for the DAT. BEST ADVISE i can give, when you get something wrong don't just go the answer and see why!!!! YOu won't learn anything this way. Wrestle with it and figure it out without help (sometimes you have to check, but make your brain uncomfortable). ALSO sometimes it's helpful for once you find one way to eliminate an answer to find other ways, this way you get the most out of each question (a lot of times theres more than one thing wrong)

Organic - 29
Just did mike vids and make a whole bunch of anki cards.
OC REAL DAT - honestly a joke compared to bootcamp, but don't let this deter you from studying hard. It's only easy if you know the material. NOTE don't be fine with not doing well on bootcamp, if you do bad on bootcamp you'll let that drive you to work harder, work on weak areas!

Gen Chem - 21
Very confused haha went from best to worst back and forth. I felt decent on the real test but for me i was just so inconsistent. Bootcamp question are pretty true to what you'll actually see (honestly this is true for most sections)

QR yikes oofta ouch uhg, pure grief - 21
I felt like I got every question wrong.. about as hard as DAT bootcamp but scored better. I had to guess on the last few, so definitely the one section that was a time crunch for me. I really struggled with this, Im sure DAT destroyer would help a lot but I didn't have time to get to it

Biologie - 23
Sooo im a biomed major so I expected this to be my best, but nope. Bio is super random, quite a few questions about stuff I had never heard of. I knew the 120ish pages of bootcamp notes inside outbackwards and forwards, if you do and your happy with a 23 thats all you need. If you want a 30 you'll need to go to wikipedia and start reading for several years, then you'll be ready assuming you remember everything.

You don't need Fe2+allis notes and dat bootcamp, Dat destroyer, ap bio notes thats crazy! To really learn everything in bootcamp took me almost four months, I had the destroyer books (thanks nancy) and did some questions but to be totally honest by the time i finished bootcamp and started going over the questions again i had forgotten them so they were fresh. And the explanations on bootcamp are second to none so why get anything else? I would say use them if you have time.

If you have ANY questions let me know. I want to give back to this precious SDN community. You guys have been so helpful! Probably tons of typos and stuff but ah whatever Ill save the proofreading for my personal statement.

Finally for you seasoned veterans, what are some of the best schools you think I could be competitive at? I know theres more to it than the DAT (3.7ish science GPA, and 3 years of research) but my score changed my idea of what my options may be (I was honestly expecting no higher than a 20).


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