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Dec 20, 2001
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Can anyone share their thoughts, opinions, interview stories or rotation experiences, etc, on the following programs?

1. NY Methodist
2. Brookdale
3. SUNY Brooklyn
4. Maimonides

I would appreciate any feedback on these programs. Thanks.


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Nov 29, 2002
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stay as far away as possible from maimonides...out of the 12 programs i interviewed at, this program was most definitely one of the worst by far. the manner in which they conducted the interview day was indicative of how disorganized the program was. i sat in the coordinator's office for what seemed like all day, while the coordinator would page random attendings to see if they were free at the time to conduct an interview. additionally, the program director and vice chairman both pimped the hell out of me, and i subsequently left with a very bad taste in my mouth. finally, the area where the hospital is in a very shady part of brooklyn....a shop owner within feet of the nearest subway stop there was robbed over the witner and shot the robber to death literally in front of the subway entrance!
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Oct 23, 2003
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i interviewed at maimo and SUNY-brklyn
i agree with drlee comments about maimo
i had a similar experience at maimo
it is the only program that i interviewed at but didnt rank
if you get more than 10 interviews i wouldnt even bother going to the interview if you get an offer
SUNY-brklyn seemed like a program that you would get good training at
many people cite the main advantage of this program is the chairman is Dr. Cotrell and that he has mad connections because he was the former ASA president
i got the sense that the residents work hard there, but the training is good
also i heard from others that it is located in a dangerous area of brooklyn
i met a SUNY-Brooklyn student on the interview trail who said that he wasn't impressed with the program and that some of the attendings in the program are malignant
i ranked it in the middle of the pack because i wanted to be in Manhattan
i hope this helps

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Apr 30, 2002
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Originally posted by mufi
also i heard from others that it is located in a dangerous area of brooklyn

I did my Psych core across the street from Downstate at King's County. Definitely not a place you want to be walking around by yourself at night. The whole area is pretty damn depressing.



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Apr 11, 2001
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Maimo is a waste of time if you've got options.

Downstate is far better academically than Maimo (not sayin much), but all the students from there I met while interviewing said it was their backup program. Supposedly they're VERY unfriendly down there, possibly moreso than up in the Bronx at Monte.

Good luck.


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Dec 4, 2002
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Maybe I can shed a little light on this...

Downstate Gas Residency, consists of three hospitals, LICH, KCHC, and Downstate.

LICH - private, Cobble Hill , very nice area
KCHC and Downstate are directly across the street form one another in flatbush, which is not exactly the safest neighborhood, but you wont be spending much time walking around the neighborhood. KCHC is in the midst of a complete renovation, and their new state of the art surgical suites should be open in time for this years CA1 class.

Now there are many locations in Brooklyn that are becoming or are gentrified, Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope being the two foremost examples, residents live in one of these nieghborhoods or many other up and coming neighborhoods or even manhattan.

When in gas at downstate - you are assigned one main hospital -which your pay is based upon as each hospital pays a little differently, however just because you are assigned one hospital - you are not solely there, you may be in LICH in the morning, and the take call over night at kchc, for example.

As someone previously posted, one of the major pluses of this program is Dr. Cottrell, who everyone knows and is extrememly hooked up - residents basically get whatever fellowships they want. Other benefits, include the second largest community hospital in the country - you are bound to get good training. Plus, downstate in and of itself, has almost any fellowship you can think of - which usually go to its own residents first.

With regards to it not filling, I think a lot of it has to do with the neighborhood and part of it has to do with the program itself, leaving some spots open, if you look at Dr. A. Groganos anesthesia report, you will see he always mentions downstate as one program that could fill if it wanted to, but doesn't go out of its way to do it, why they are like this, I dont know.

Hope this helps with regards to downstate.
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