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Feb 2, 2009
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Does anyone have any information on good GPRs in Brooklyn, New York? Any GPR someone can recommend? Why does there seem like there are so many openings in the area? Thanks.

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There are so many openeings because there are an enormous number of spots in Brooklyn and the NY Metro area. Also, if you know the city, some spots are neighborhood driven. Some spots are program driven.
I was wondering the same does anyone recommend any specific programs or hospitals?
Lots of reasons to select programs in NYC. Lets go thru some:
Program Rep: Some programs have long term reps as being good for prosthetics and implant placement/restoration. Some don't. Ask current residents what they are doing.
Program Affiliations: Some programs have specialty programs in house, ie pedo, OMFS, anesthesia, endo, ortho. Some truth to programs retiaining good GPR's into the specialty programs....but not always
Big vs Little: Some programs have a LOT of residents. Some have very few. Easy to keep a low profile in big program. Everyone knows you in little one.
Neighborhood: Some hospitals are in great neighborhoods. Great to live near them and easy commute if you do. Some hospitals are in really dicey areas. Must go to work with good sense of street smarts, as you will be either arriving or leaving in the dark during the winter.
Housing: A big one. Some hospitals offer subsidized housing, an important factor on a resident salary if you are from out of town.

Lot's more reasons, but this is a good start and should get you thinking.