Sep 17, 2015

Seems like a number of postbacc programs have linkage to Brown, as well as other schools that list calculus as an entry requirement, but do not themselves include calculus in their curriculum. Does anyone have an explanation for this? If I'm being redundant feel free to direct me to earlier posts.

Thanks so much.
Feb 23, 2012
Medical Student
All of the postbac programs that have linkage programs with Brown also have linkage agreements with a number of med schools. Most of those other med schools (as well as the majority of other med schools in general -- the majority of students who attend those postbacs don't actually end up linking) do not require calculus, so it would be kind of a waste of time/tuition to include it as part of the standard postbac curriculum just for the few students who end up linking to Brown.

Many of the folks who end up linking to Brown (or linking to any other school that requires a random math course) will just take calc the summer before they start med school -- after they have already been accepted into Brown, so they know that it won't be a waste of time/money for them to take it.