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BRS Question Difficulty


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Nov 12, 2015
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I was curious if anyone has experience with doing the BRS questions. How do they to step 1? (I would ask how they compare to school examination, but I guess that depends on the program).

Are BRS easier, the same, or harder than the general Step 1 question? I'm trying to get a reference for how I'm doing. I've been scoring between 67-80% depending on the chapter. Just trying to gauge how good, average, or bad that is.
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Jun 13, 2011
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UWorld questions are comparable. USMLERx questions are easy and not worth your time during dedicated board prep time but would be useful when you are first learning the material.
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Mar 22, 2014
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I haven't taken Step 1 yet, but I usually scored worse on BRS than on NBME exams. Some of this may be because I used BRS questions to study and just knew the material better by test day, but usually I scored about 10-20% higher on NBME than I had on the BRS questions.
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