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Bu acceptance 2011

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Full Member
Dec 23, 2009
  1. Dentist
    Congrats Mambinoo!!:)

    Could you please tell as to when did you get your "application-complete", "application-under-review" and "interview-invitation" e-mail?



    I have been noticing throughout BU threads that most of u are assuming a certain chronological order that the school is following for each applicant, and that most of you get so excited for receiving and application "under review" status while the rest are desperately counting hours and waiting to get the good news for the same "Under review" status. I am sorry to say this, but this does not make any sense! if someone else receives such a notification a month after sending the application does not, under no circumstances, mean that this is the time platform BU uses for all applicants. Besides, the school reviews ALL applications, and for an applicant to be accepted or rejected, then definitely his application had to be "Under review" at some point! i dont think the school aims at preparing candidates psychologically for an interview by this notification. One more thing u need to know... I know how anxious you might be and how waiting could be killing since i've been there, but knowing other ppl's stats wont help you evaluate you probabilities for being interviewed and accepted. From what i've learnt at this application cycle for all schools is that, THEIR IS NO FIXED RULE, and no one can ever predict how each school select its candidates, and trust me on this... Most of surprises in those application cycles happen when you LEAST expect them. I cant tell you to relax cuz again, i've been there. Just believe in urself and in ur potential, in that case u will stop comparing yourself to others.. and thats when good things start to happen. Good luck to all of u


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    10+ Year Member
    Oct 31, 2007
    1. Dentist
      Guys, Had any one been invited for interview in the month of December2010 and January 2011 for BU???? If so please post the dates of invitation.......
      I know a batch for 9th dec is already called..no news about other batches there,after. Please update if you get to know anything.best of luck to all who are waiting...
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