BU MD/PhD vs Tufts MSTP

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Jan 8, 2019
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  • Social justice mission: while not super important to my career (aspiring academic physician scientist), is something that I really value and I believe would add to my education/development as a person
  • Interesting research
  • Seems like it's on the up and up as far as research goes
  • Larger MD/PhD class size than Tufts
  • Currently applying for MSTP status
  • Really got along well with people I met at 2nd look
  • Not fully funded: would have to take out cost of living loans during medical school, although tuition is covered all 8 years and grad school has a stipend (and it seems from my 2nd look like there is a very high chance the school will start covering living expenses by my 3/4 year of med school)
  • Program kind of disorganized, but not to a point that it seemed like it would inhibit my learning
  • Got kind of weird vibes from the school during interview that I didn't get from 2nd look but the interview day was a poorly organized kind of disaster and that raised some red flags
School Y
  • Fully funded
  • Currently has MSTP status
  • Seems like they have been losing NIH funding and dropping in prestige steadily over the years
  • Not as much research that interests me and around half of the researchers I am interested in working with don't currently have NIH grants
  • Smaller class size
  • Could lose NIH funding (rumor but based on the falling funding and performance might be true)
  • Took a lot of dirty money from the Sackler family so that's bad and also bad publicity
Summary: On one hand, seems silly to choose the school that would cost me money vs a free school in the exact same location, but I would hate to make a choice based on money and MSTP status only to have Tufts lose both of those during my time there. On the other hand, I didn't exactly get the best vibes from BU when I interviewed, even though I really liked them on 2nd look, I have heard some concerning things about the disorganization and apathy towards students of the faculty and program. Tufts didn't wildly impress me during my interview day either though. Currently interested in oncology and academia, although the oncology part may change, so going to a school with a good reputation (especially with research) is important A lot of the impressions and distinguishing information I have from these schools are from rumors and general vibes, so would love some first-hand info or opinions from people who also looked at the schools!

Edit: Forgot to mention I am on the waitlist at Tufts and accepted to BU so this may not even be an issue, but I want to be prepared to make the decision quickly if Tufts accepts me!

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Sep 9, 2014
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Boston no question. You only have 2 pros for tufts lmao this is an easy decision.
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