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Aug 3, 2006
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Ah is anyone getting confused with the course requirement section by any chance???

i dont' know why i'm having trouble and the admissions people are not replyign to my questions :(...

so does anyone know if we are supposed to just put in the number of semesters of courses that i took that will fulfill the requirements? or put all the courses that i took in that discipline.. (ex. if i took 6 semesters of bio classes, do i put 6 semesters? or 2 to fulfill...

and why are there two different parts for putting the semesters? aren't they basically teh same thing?

so confused for some reason... feeling stupid too... help?



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Aug 17, 2006
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I put in as many as I took in that discipline. It certainly can't hurt to provide a bit extra than what they ask for. The thing to remember is, if there's ever any discrepancy, they can always refer back to your AMCAS transcript...

There are two different parts, but if I recall, one was for how many you'd taken and the other was for how many you'd taken at an accredited US institution.. So some applicants might have courses they took at a foreign university, and BU is just asking to verify that you've had at least as many as they require at US schools.

Note that most schools consider courses taken in a study abroad program offered by your university to be taken at an accredited US institution, but it depends upon how your program is structured. If that is the case for anybody, they should check with the schools..