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Aug 5, 2018
Hi everyone,

I am here to ask for a specific advice. Some background information...

I am the sole pain doctor in an ortho spine group in TX who had sought out a pain specialist with intentions of broadening the practice include pain management. I joined the practice last year out of fellowship and have so far been very happy with my job. They have been very happy with me as well. Because there was no pain practice prior to me joining, there was no fluoro suite. I have been taking all of my cases to an ASC (our group does not hold shares here, but had to find me one where they thought would be a good opportunity to buy-in after bringing some volume... given they didn’t have their own ASC), in which I have been fortunate to have been offered shares to recently.

Our practice is expanding/building to an additional location to capture cities north of our current established location. This new site is projected to be up and running end of next year, will include new clinic offices and an ASC (in which the ortho spine surgeons and I will have have equal initial share opportunities in).

When I had discussed about having an in-office fluoroscopy suite setup in the new location for the purposes of having the option to do some cases in this setting going forward, my senior partner was open to the idea. In order to consider this, we would need to figure out what the requirements are in terms of building and laying out a fluoro suite for purposes of doing pain injections (ie; minimum size of the room? Radiation reqts)... pre/post recovery area? This is so that while we are in the constructing phase, we have things laid out properly in case we want to use the space as fluroscopy suite. I would love to get some advice on this from those experienced from having or building your own fluoro suite in your practice. Or if there is any good resources to guide me through this process. Thank you!


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Nov 4, 2004
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Don’t need much. Maybe a room 16x12 or something not a perfect square.

They have lead wallpaper if you really need it.

One room/bay/chair to prep and one to discharge.

At least 1-2 20amp outlets


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Mar 25, 2013
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Get in touch with me please, I tried to PM you but it looks like you don’t accept PMs. I’m in Oklahoma and have a very good opportunity for you as I know the Texas laws very well. I trained there. You have ASC options that can be done very cheap, not much more cost than building an office.
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