Business Side of Healthcare; I'm teaching!

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Dec 5, 2012
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I’m very excited to hear many forward-thinking future and existing physicians discovering that business knowledge is pivotal to be successful in your career. It really is. It is criminal to me why most clinical professional programs have little to any business teaching. I take this quote from a 2011 survey: “9% of Medical Residents felt they were able to handle the business side of healthcare.” To me, that’s poor training on behalf of the academic institutions.

You NEED to know the essentials of the business of healthcare. Not because you aspire to become a Medical Director/ Chair / C-level/ Etc, because even if you work for an organization it will be guys like me sitting across the table discussing how our A/R is affected by your patient panel, your behavior, timeliness, or perhaps why our Service to Posting is too high because of unsigned charts. It’s a different language and if you don’t expose yourself now, it’s going to affect your ability to treat patients, the SOLE reason why most of you aspire to be Physicians.

I’m back on this forum (I, too, was an aspiring Med Student many years ago) because I have a responsibility. I know what’s it like to be in your shoes, and I think it’s you guys, the future healthcare professionals that will effectively change healthcare.

If anybody has any business-related questions/career advice, don’t hesitate to email me at iwillchangehealthcareATgmail.com. Only thing I ask is you guys get the buzz going about www.iwillchangehealthcare.com. It’s an open discussion about the business side of healthcare, totally free. I just launched it in November so give me some time to get content. I’ve already got a Physician-entrepreneur (an EM doc at Memorial-Hermann) taking a unique approach to concierge medicine writing an article as well as a Consultant to Seton Healthcare system in Austin, TX who is working on article. These are real issues in the trenches, discussing healthcare business-related issues.

I hope we can learn together. I will post on here as I find time. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

About me (look I don’t usually like blabbering about my credentials, but to give you an idea, I’m not some guy hyping up a website): I browsed these forums many many a years ago as a student looking to become a physician. I got accepted into an MD program and quickly found I was miserable. It wasn't for me and I dropped out, became a scientist and life became empty. Had a start-up with a friend and found it to be enjoyable. I’m back in the game marrying my two passions, healthcare and business.

I’m the founder of I Will Change Healthcare and am an Administrator for academic practice in Texas and I’m going to change healthcare…