BWH abdo fellowship

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Mar 18, 2024
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I am a Canadian radiology resident interested in applying to this program next year. Wondering what the reputation is like or if anyone has heard positive/negative things.
I think it seems great though my only concern is that some of the procedures highlighted on their web page are quite advanced (RFA, cryo), which are skills I would never use in my future general practice.

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An ablation skill is the same as a biopsy skill, only with the added step of planning and monitoring ablation zones / coverage. Ablations should not be a reason to be spooked from a program.
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I just went through the application process and accepted this exact position at BWH.

Can give you my experience from talking to people although I haven't obviously started yet.

Everyone there seemed really nice. Very relaxed vibes amongst the PD and the other attendings who interviewed me. I reached out to the PD before the application cycle to get to know the department a bit.
Re the intervention they implied that the major part of the work would be drain and biopsy work with the ablations being more for people who really wanted to do it, so it didnt sound to me like something that was mandatory but something that they would be happy for us to get involved in.

Honestly I accepted as soon as I got the call after interview and cancelled all my others.
Planning to go out and visit in person later in the year.

Also major benefit is that its probably the most reputable ACGME body fellowship alongside Mayo.
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