Chillest radiology fellowship programs

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Oct 13, 2014
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For people who have gone through the interview process, what were some programs (and in which subspecialties) that stood out as exceptionally chill? Please save your high-horse "fellowship shouldn't be chill it's a time to learn to handle attending workload" comments, I'm just genuinely curious

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There more trainees overall, the more chill the program tends to be (as long as you’re not taking attending call).

Not a hard and fast rule, but a general trend. If you’re the sole MSK fellow, expect to be the workhorse compared to a place with 4 msk fellows and a huge residency where multiple residents do mini fellowships in msk
As a fellow you cover a lot of conferences, which you almost never do as a resident. Being in a fellowship w 1-2 fellows means you are prob covering a conference every other week which I currently do and is hell.
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any chill neuro fellowships?? Need help with rank list
Neuro on average will have higher acuity and more call. Less relaxed outpatient pace in most academic centers where fellowships are.

I have heard USC is chill but that's just hearsay. Mayo also apparently is not fellow-reliant but Rochester is a tough sell. Your best bet is to contact recent grads of your program and see how their liked their fellowships and the vibes they got on interview.
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Breast is best for lifestyle. Most are 4 days with 1 day of academic.