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Aug 5, 2008
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It seems like received knowledge that BWH is the place to go for pathology applicants interested in having their own basic research lab (not to imply that other programs aren't also excellent). Of course there are a lot of luminaries there, but otherwise why is this the case? What I'm specifically wondering is whether BWH residents are able to do significant basic science research during residency (maybe during those CP years?).

Also, which other programs are particularly well-suited for basic science types? Of course, all good programs may be good for this type of career, but maybe some are particularly good?


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Jul 19, 2006
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BWH is great for residents who want a research career for a few reasons. First, for AP residents, you can complete your core AP rotations in two years, and use the third year almost entirely for research, or a non-boarded fellowship followed by research. This is somewhat unusual. Second, faculty are very supportive of this career choice and are willing and able to help. They know how to produce researchers because they've done it for so long, and many of the faculty are primarily researchers. The research ethos there is also unusual and its absence can be a significant disadvantage. You need people who want to see you succeed and who know how to succeed in science. Other similar places in my subjective experience are Penn, U of Chicago, and Wash U.