"C" grade or lower for pre-reqs

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May 10, 2005
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If a school doesn't accept anything lower then a "C," does that mean a "C-" won't count towards the pre-req? Is this a firm rule, or do some schools allow a C-?

Has anyone been admitted into an opt. school with a C- in their pre-reqs, or were all C- classes retaken?

Thanks for the input.

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Anything lower than a C means that a C would count but a D or F would not.
Oh, I could've sworn that I read about someone getting a "C-" and the school told them to retake.

Has anyone gotten into their school with a "C-" in a pre-req. or does it depend on the school?
I've seen some schools say that you have to retake C- courses but I can't remember which ones.