Sep 29, 2020
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I am currently working in the addiction field as a baccalaureate level addiction counselor. I have been interested in pursing a masters degree in counseling, addiction, or clinical psychology. I have been leaning towards m.psych im not sure if I should hold now until the APA makes decision and we know the future for m.psych will be. Career wise i'm not pressed to start or get a masters. Income wise id say I do just as well as those with a masters. Should I have off or dive in? I am in tx LPAs recently obtained the ability to practice independently after a period of supervision.

I know this has been brought up in the past but the narrative may be different now that the APA is considering accrediting master's degrees in clinical, counseling, school. They even mention MFT and Addiction specialties.

The APA is currently considering accrediting master's degrees. I live in a state that does allow for masters level psychological providers. There are only 17 states that allow for any form of masters level psychological providers. The scope of practice varies greatly with some being very limited and others allowing for a great deal of autonomy and even independent practice.

CACREP came in and pretty much wiped all LPAs' and Masters in Clinical/Counseling Psychology off the map in some states while others have smaller program. CACREP does have the advantage they are friendly to online education whereas the APA has not and there are few clinical psych. masters online.

If the APA begins accrediting masters degree will the Masters in Clinical Psyh make a come back, Will LPA's make a come back? Will the APA be able to leverage their power and history and take on CACREP when it comes to counseling psyh and other areas?


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Jan 23, 2018
It will probably be awhile before the APA gets anything up and running and state laws follow suit. I would suggest looking into MSW programs as well. LCSWs have a more portable degree and can bill Medicare.
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Feb 11, 2020
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Hi! I graduated from a CACREP (& MPCAC) master's program in 2019 and obtained licensure as a Licensed Psychological Associate in Texas. I could, if I chose to, make a decent living with this license and have plenty of flexibility in what I do (if I chose to seek the supervision hours required for independence). However, my only purpose in getting an LPA was 1) to pass the EPPP BEFORE applying to doctoral programs (it's a one and done test, I don't think I'll have to take it again) and 2) to have a license in case I do not get accepted to a doctoral program this year.

If you have any questions about the master's program I attended, my journey getting licensed, or anything like that, I am happy to share as this was all a recent experience for me.
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Nov 22, 2016
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Career wise i'm not pressed to start or get a masters. Income wise id say I do just as well as those with a masters. Should I have off or dive in?
Consider any additional schooling as an investment, either to increase income or to increase opportunities that aren't open to you currently (other types of clinical work, supervising others, moving into administrative roles). Or in an ideal scenario, both (and without taking on significantly debt).

If you're happy with your current position and income, I'd be even more selective about programs and tuition costs to make sure that it'll add value to your career. And since you're in a state with more options than most, keep an eye on what types of degrees people who have positions you'd aspire to hold. Good luck!
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Dec 7, 2014
Honestly? CACREP is a mess. APA drags its feet and has been saying they will look into masters accreditation for the better half of the past decade.

Go social work and don't look back. It is nice to have a national org that actually lobbies for your rights.

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