Calcium and prostate cancer

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question re: prostate ca and calcium:
is it felt that isolated calcium supplementation leads to an increased rate of prostate ca or do men with a higher dairy intake have higher rates of prostate ca or both?
a pt asked me about this...


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Mar 19, 2009
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There is numerous ongoing studies regarding elevated calcium intake and prostate Ca. It appears this is based on the findings of corpora amylacea found on prostate U/s for Trus/Bx. It is unclear if this is from hypercalcemia or chronic inflammatory changes. There may be a correlation with inflammatory changes in the prostate and development of dysplasia or PIN. However a maturity of patients with prostatitis have calcium on u/s and do not develop porstate cancer. (Unless of course they live past 85 y/o)
No evidence has linked dietary Ca to increased risk of Pca at this time. I believe the high incidence of calcium in a prostate of someone Dx with Pca is due to inflammatory changes that may be secondary to the development of the Cancer.
We do however see some correlation with increased zinc and prostate Ca prevention although somewhat anecdotal at this time.
Hope this helps
I would not limit dietary Ca except for RDA. Unless of course Pt has renal insufficiency or secondary hyperparathyroidism.