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Mar 10, 2008
Hello everyone :).

Quick question... is it a good idea to take calc for a premed postbacc? I know some programs require it. However, some seem to discourage any BCPM courses. Should I avoid it to still be eligible for the program, or take it to boost up my math...? I asked Goucher, and they sorta gave me a vague answer. Does anyone know about specific programs that disapprove or approve of calc?

Background on me: I have a good undergrad gpa (3.85), and low/average sats (750 critical reading, 590 math). I did get a 4 in AP Chem, but would like to retake it during the postbacc program. I am doing research with a doctor and shadowing. I have a ton of EC's that I am really involved in :).

As a music major, I want to look like I am strong enough in the math/science field, especially with low math sats. I am still taking undergrad classes (1 more semester) and calc counts for a general education course I need to fulfill, plus there is a well-reviewed professor teaching it next semester.

Thanks so much!