Cali EM programs?

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Mar 29, 2003
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Hey brainiacs,
I am a third year DO student. I am little frustrated how many schools in Cali wont accept COMLEX for ER. (So far, USC does.) Granted the competition is insane for CA spots, they should still be as accepting since there are two DO schools in the state. Any input or advice??


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What else is there to say but to take the Step exams and do well.

I'd check and see who has taken DO students recently.

I'd get to know a program director or two and make sure I had a common interest.

Good Luck.
Hey MedGeek,

Thanks for your advice. I am in the process of researching DO vs MD ER programs. It seems like the DO ones are more clinically based while the MD ones are more academic. Moreover, I am looking into NYC programs which seem to be more DO friendly. Wish me luck!
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How did you make the determination that DO EM programs are more "clincally based"? If that means they are less academic rigorous, perhaps that is true. My suggestion is that you take the USMLE and apply to both programs essentially widening your vision and opportunities. There are some fantastic programs all over the country that are "DO Friendly", and honestly if you put in the effort you can likely get in anywhere.
As a DO coming out of the interview process, I did have a two programs tell me that having my USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 scores got me the interview. (Cannot recall which ones, sorry.)

If King-Drew is not to much of a gamble for you, they do take DO's; though again, not too sure if you need USMLE's for them. Also, I know that Kern County takes DO's (But it's Bakersfield --ouch!!!). It might not be a bad idea to simply shoot off an email to the program directors.

Also, be sure to check as they have a survey that reveals which programs have taken DO's in the past 5 years.

When application time comes along apply to at least 30 programs. It's the wrong time to get cheap. (After 30, you get charged a per program fee of $25).

Good Luck!!!
Is Oliveview considered a competitive residency? Does anyone know the step1 cutoff for that institution?
From words on the streets, how competitive is the oliveview program considered to be?