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Jan 18, 2005
Hey everyone,

I am in the process of gathering info regarding post bacc programs in California. I figure it would take a lot of time and additional classes to bring up my undergrad gpa with any significance.

So....I was considering enrolling into a good post baccalaureate program in order to have a new/fresh post grad GPA that can be distinugished easily by the dental schools.

I have ran a few searches over yahoo and came up with very little. Anyone able share ANY kind of info regarding the various post bacc programs in SoCal?

I would appericiate any info regarding the followig:

1. Length of the program
2. Difficulty of the program (desperately need the A's :) )
3. Tuition (as always....cheaper the better)
4. Personal experience (if any)

I would really appericiate ANY and ALL help

Thanks everyone