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can anyone tell me about the brown-dartmouth program?


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Apr 30, 2003
    just wondering if anyone here knew about or was part of the program... it sounds like a good idea to have rural and urban experience (and yes, i have been to providence, so i know it's not *that* urban), but i had never really heard of splitting med schools...

    is the program well regarded? is it harder to get into than dartmouth four year? do you think it would be difficult to get LOR's or deans letters or whatever you need for residency b/c of switching schools halfway through?

    answers to any of these questions or any random info on the program would be appreciated. thanks!!


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    Nov 24, 2003
      i applied to the program last year...got waitlisted...then withdrew.
      the competitiveness for both programs is the same (or so says the dean). i can't say much about reputation or getting LORs. The hospitals Brown works with are great, but Brown isn't a very graduate/professional student type school. However, the city is very nice.

      ND Gas

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      Sep 16, 2003
      Chicago, IL
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        Basically, there is no competitive difference in admissions whether you apply to Brown-Dartmouth or just Dartmouth. The program was originally established, from my understanding, to give students who wanted a more diverse and urban experience in their clinical rotations the opportunity to do so. Also, when the program was first set up, Dartmouth Hitchcock hospital was a fairly small hospital, and, therefore, couldn't handle or provide enough patients to all 75-80 students in each class. Therefore, to ease this burden, 15 students went to Brown for their clinical years.

        From what I've heard from my classmates, they feel that they're more than prepared when they get to the clerkships at Brown. Their MD diplomas will also come from Brown. And, they have no problem getting LORs for residency from the Dartmouth people.

        A fact that also isn't highly stressed during the admissions process is that if you decide to change your mind during years 1 or 2 and want to switch out of the Brown-Dartmouth program (or vice-versa) that it is usually not difficult to do so, provided their is another student to take your spot (which their usually is).

        Let me know if I can help you out with any other info.
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