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Jul 8, 2003
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I was accepted into USUHS and I was wondering if I could defer my matriculation there for one year. I know a lot of schools will let you do this if you are accepted early enough in their cycle however I am not sure if USUHS does this. The army is if nothing else a bureaucracy and might not be as flexible in this regard.
I would gladly attend USUHS but I would like to know what all my options are. Unlike other schools, USUHS requires you be committed by Summer. By committed I mean having signed a commitment on a commission and attending bootcamp (OCS really) in the Summer not just only holding 1 acceptance to 1 school. Once you sign, there is no wiggle room. You are in the army. I have been waitlisted at SLU and am an SMP student at Georgetown so I may not know if I have been accepted to either of these schools till very late.
Being able to defer would be my best option. I could wait to see if I was accept to these other schools without losing the bird in the hand, so to speak. If anyone knows, please let me know.