Can I hold my seat for one year?

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Apr 2, 2021
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Hello everyone!

I recently got accepted to NYU college of dentistry and I am a Canadian applicant.

I am just wondering is it possible to hold my seat for one year and attend the school next academic year?

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pretty sure its only under certain circumstances like if its medical maybe but not if its just because you want to.
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Thank you, may I know how do you know?
Since you posted on international forum, I assumed you applied to IDP, which are never deferred. If you applied to a regular program, sometimes you can defer a year in special circumstances. Ask the admissions
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Agreed with the above, you can't just decide to defer acceptance. You need to have good reasons and be approved for it, even then it's not a guarantee. If you decline the offer just know you can't really reapply to the schools that accepted you unless you can explain to admissions why you didn't take their first offer. Congrats on the acceptance! I would take the offer if you can, reapplying is not easy and can often be much more difficult.