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From yesterday's AOA daily report:

Concerning Developments for Illinois DOs

Physicians in Illinois might face changes to their medical practice rights if the State government does not act quickly to correct an oversight. The Illinois Medical Practice Act is set to sunset on 12/31/08, as the legislature failed to pass an extension or reauthorization of the Act before recessing this month. AOA General Counsel, our Division of State Government Affairs, and the Illinois Osteopathic Medical Society are all actively investigating the ramifications a “sunset” of the Medical Practice Act would have on physicians, such as whether their licenses will still be active and implications on physician liability. We will provide you with additional information as soon as it is available.


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Jan 29, 2004
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From yesterday's AOA daily report:

Sometimes laws expire and my guess is DO practice rights had some time of expiration on them that was probably (I'm guessing!) meant to force the legislature to take a deeper look at them later, but they apparently never did. I think it was put in the AOA for shock value as those DOs' licenses won't be allowed to expire. I wouldn't pay it anymind. Unfortunately the AOA is apparently low on news.
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