Can someone please explain this pressure question

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May 22, 2016
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I got this right but reading the crap explanation only confused me more. I can kind of see how this works energy wise.... but why on earth is a decrease in velocity the same as a decrease in pressure in fact I thought they were actually supposed to be opposites according to bernoullis equation.

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When you turn on another outlet there are more water going out and thus the velocity of water at the source increases, and that is what makes overall pressure decreases.

Very good question! Though, the explanation is BS.
Yeah this problem ruined my day. Can you explain that a little more, I'm still a little confused -_-.... doesnt the velocity get smaller because of the higher area.
Well, there is only so much water that can go out of 2 outlets. You need to kinda "know" that a 2 kitchen sink faucets can not possibly drain all the water in your neighborhood.

More faucets = more water = faster flow. You are probably confused because you are thinking of continuity.