Can you update a "competed" application with NEW mcat score?


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Jan 17, 2007
    I've heard many of you urging ppl. w/ ok-mcat + gpa scores to apply early for a best shot @ acceptance... my question is this:

    if I have my aps (ref letters, transcript, mcat scores released) done early by like, june, but I'm deciding to rewrite my mcat in august, can I 'update' my competed-application in september (once I get my new mcat score)? I guess a related quesiton would be, if my new score's not as good as my old ones, do I have to report it?

    Thanks a lot, you guys have been really helpful!


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    Feb 21, 2004
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      First of what do you mean COMPETED?? Do you mean CompLeted with an L in it?? :laugh: :laugh:

      Secondly, yes you can update schools with new scores but even if you go down you are required to report all scores to schools no matter what and they will be able to see all scores anyhow.
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