Canadian Citizen (US Resident) Applying to Med School

Aug 15, 2017

I'm both a US and Canadian citizen, but I've lived in US all my life. I have citizenship because my mom grew up in Toronto. I'm really interested in attending med school in Canada and living there after I finish my undergraduate studies here in California.

I was just wondering how the process works and if anyone has any insight into that. I'm assuming I don't have to fill out any extra legal documentation to apply to med schools in Canada considering I'm a citizen, correct? Or do I probably have to go through a little bit of a process because I've never been a resident?

I know that it's usually hard for US students to apply to med school in Canada, but I didn't know if that was just because of how our academics are done differently, or if it's because most of those people aren't Canadian citizens.

Also, do Canadian med schools require different tests than the MCAT?

I'm only starting my sophomore year in undergraduate right now so I have a long way to go, but I just wanted to start researching now to have my options open. Thanks for the help
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