Canadian MD Premed..should I bother? 27Q 3.7-3.8ish gpa

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Dec 20, 2012
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Hey sdn this is my first time posting because I am so lost,
so I finally decided to sign up and just see what people think. I am Canadian I finished an honors bachelor of Biology graduating with a 3.7 or greater (hopefully I did the calculation properly) only needing to take two extra summer courses to make up missing credits otherwise 3/4 of my years had 28+ credits/30 credits being a full courseload. I wrote the mcat last summer and got a 27Q (which sounds like a huge ouch from all the forum posts I read) it was evenly scored with an 8PS 9VS 10BS and Q in writing. I currently am taking a semester off and trying to find myself. I did do lab research, work at a hospital, a couple club exec positions, petitions, caucus, camp counselling, tours, and other EC volunteering throughout university.

I am willing to write the mcat again but I am currently looking into a biotechnology masters programs because I am kinda interested in learning the business side of biology also.

I am writing here because I honestly thought getting a 27Q was the end to me even bothering with med school without rewriting.

I just decided to stop jumping to conclusions and ask the experts aka you guys. Do you think I could have a chance applying to an American MD school? Which ones, everyone lists so many, I have gone through so many websites but seem to just get more and more lost and anxious haha.

If I continued with doing a masters and maybe coming back to the medicine path 2-3years later...would that hurt me? Should I just say forget it and I need to write my mcat again? any help would be amazing

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27 is bad, I would suggest "doing a masters and maybe coming back to the medicine path 2-3 years later" or retake MCAT.
I'm not sure how much the masters will help your medical application since your GPA is already pretty high (assuming you get that 3.7+). The main problem is the MCAT. I think you're still competitive for DO programs, but MD programs might want to see a higher MCAT from you, especially since you're Canadian and your school might not be as well known to US medical schools.

I don't know how involved you were in your ECs, but if you can write strongly about them and talk about what you've learned, then really the MCAT is probably the final piece of the puzzle. Really study hard and try to retake it if you want to be competitive for MD. You don't have that far to go - 31-32+ should be enough to make you competitive at a variety of schools (although you should look at how they evaluate multiple MCAT attempts, as each school may do it differently).
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As a Canadian, ideally you should be aiming for a 33+ MCAT. Your GPA is also a bit on the low side. Are you set with going to an American school? What province are you from? You might have a better shot at your home province's school (assuming you're not from Ontario, BC, or Alberta).