Canadian Non Trad Needs Advice

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Jan 23, 2015
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It is harder for a Canadian to get into a Canadian MD program than it is for a US citizen to get into a US MD program. It is near impossible for a Canadian to get into a US MD program.

Good luck.

But if you have specific questions, you should probably ask them instead of posting ellipses ...
Near impossible for a Canadian to get into US MD? Are you crazy, a competitive Canadian applicant can get into any US MD school that accepts Canadians. In fact, it's MUCH easier for a Canadian to get into a US MD school than a Canadian one.
I agree to some extent, but Canadians are considered international, and have to pay up front for all 4 years of tuition, and are NOT eligible for federal student loans. So yeah, competitive applicants from the north may be considered, but who has half a million dollars in their back pocket? sorry... $625,000 CAD in their back pocket? not me.

I guess I could take that private loan that charges 12% interest on my $625,000. Or I'll just bank on getting into Stanford, or Harvard who have nice endowments and can give me financial aid. Oh wait! those are the top schools you say? hrmmm. Well that sounds difficult.