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Jun 25, 2008

I have an urgent question.
I am an international student trying to apply to clinical programs. I didn't find much thread related to canadian schools' clinical programs.
However, as for the ranking, some Canadian schools ranked very high based on the socialpsychlogy website, such as University of Victoria and University of Waterloo.
I am wondering what do you guys think of these schools and what are the major differences between Canadian and American programs in clinical psychology.
Any input is appreciated. Thanks.


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Mar 13, 2009
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This paper does rank U.S. schools and Canadian schools in clinical psychology by way of productivity - a good indicator of rank in general:

Both of the schools mentioned are good schools. Not the highest ranked in Canada, but not the lowest either... I know someone who went to UofVic and she has a degree in Clinical Neuropsychology. Also she got in as an international student to UVic, so that might be of interest to you.
Oct 18, 2009
APA has decided to discontinue its accreditation of Canadian schools in 2015. There is another thread that discusses this. They are still accredited by CPA.

"APA Accreditation in Canada
As of Sept. 1, 2015, APA-CoA will no longer accredit Canadian programs. No new applications from Canadian programs are being accepted at this time."

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Sep 30, 2009
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Just acouple points.

As was mentioned, the APA is no longer going to accredit Canadian programs.

Furthermore, if you look at Canadian clinical programs, you'll see that, as difficult as American Clinical programs are to 'get into', Canadian ones are even more difficult, on average.

I only mention this in case you're thinking, "oh, well I can't get in down here but maybe I could get in if I go to canada!" I'm not saying you are, and I'm not saying you don't have the grades, etc. to make it into any school you want, just pointing it out!
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