Canadian Student, help needed

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Jan 31, 2011
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Hi all,
I am a Canadian student currently in the process of applying to SMPs.
So far I've heard back from a few schools, but only admitted at BU MAMS, the rest requires interviews which I am reluctant to do. My original top choices were Georgetown, BU or RFU. Haven't heard back from those other two yet, but I expect to get in RFU. Basically now I am torn between RFU and BU. I have read tons of info on this forum comparing those schools. RFU has better linkage to CMS, but BU is more well known. I wonder what's the best idea especially considering I am canadian. Not a whole lots of US schools accepts Canadians, so my choices are limited regardless. Now, CMS is somewhat close to a guarantee after doing a BMS, but if I don't get in CMS, the BMS is pretty much useless. On the other hand, BU MAMS will help more generally with other school applications, but less linkage to their own medical school, thus far from any guarantee to any med school.
I have completed MSc in research with a few publications. Rest of my ECs are pretty generic, I guess research is my biggest forte. Currently I hold a 3.2 GPA with a 32R MCAT.
Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks