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Feb 14, 2008
I am a Canadian student with an incredible science GPA; 3.9 and a bad MCAT score. 27P, and 6 in VR, Bummer!! I have no intentions of practicing medicine in Canada and would like to move to the States. I hope to complete residency in pediatrics and am looking into SGU for medschool. I have decent extra-curriculars. I have not applied to any Canadian schools and did not quite meet the MCAT requirements of most American Schools. I have a few questions/concerns about SGU grads getting residency in US, considering my Canadian citizenship status.
a)How hard is it for a Canadian to get a residency spot in pediatrics as an SGU grad?
b)should i retake MCATs? Its a pain studying for it and wasting another year seems like too much at the moment.
c)I am not very affluent and hope to sustain my education at SGU solely through loans. what scholarships, bursaries, loans are available for Canadian students

your responses would be greatly appreciated.


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Jun 7, 2004
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i am not canadian but i am an SGU student. I think you should definitely retake the mcat. you worked way too hard for 4 years of undergrad to just give up. a 3.9 is an awesome gpa, retake the mcat get a 30 and apply to US schools. I would even go as far and say there might be some US schools like the new ones that will accept you with the 27 you have now. Also since you want to live in the US apply to DO schools you should gain acceptance with your stats and shouldn't need to retake the mcat for DO schools. Also in the end it will be easier to obtain a residency as a US DO than a Caribbean grad.

as for pediatrics, currently it's very easy to get a residency in that field. It will be a little harder for a foriegner because you need a hospital to sponcer your visa but it's still very doable just because pediatrics is really uncompetitive right now. however no one knows what will happen in 4 or 5 years when you're going to be applying for residencies.
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