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Apr 15, 2000
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Anyone else get a twinge when they do this? I only received 3 invites this cycle, now that I have an acceptance at a school that was one of my top choices I decided to cancel my last interview (at GW) as I am pretty sure I wouldn't go there over the school I have an acceptance at. However, having never visited the school, there is a twinge of doubt in my mind--what if I went and fell in love with it? It's easy to say if you have any doubt, go to the interview; but the reality is $500 for plane ticket/hotel room (plus missed work) is a lot to spend to satisfy a small lingering doubt when you're already in substantial debt from this process. I'd rather spend the money celebrating the acceptance I do have in Vegas. :D Overall I feel like I made the right choice canceling the interview, as it seemed better to open up that spot for someone who really wants to go to there rather than spend more money I don't have to go on an interview at a school I don't think I would attend over the place I'm in at. But it was still a surprisingly difficult decision.


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Jul 18, 2003
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I understand what your saying :) I was hesitant to cancel one of my interviews as well. But in the end, i decided saving a few hundred dollars was more important to me... and although people did like this particular school, I was satisfied with the schools i had already gotten into.

So just forget about it and do something fun with all that $$ you saved :D

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Feb 16, 2005
i had the same feelings a few times, where I said to myself maybe I should just go to check out the school, see if I felt anything when I went there....but then I have this feeling of laziness that has come over me once I received my acceptance to my #1 choice...I dont really feel like doing anymore interviews, even though I dont mind them now anymore, and it would be a good chance to see the schools....fact is there is really no chance I would attend another school than where I was accepted....i say save your money for celebration! :thumbup: