Jan 28, 2010
Just as so many other people have already posted their dental school choice situation I would also love to hear what the SDN community thinks! I realize I am very fortunate and have been extremely humbled by this entire application process. Having the opportunity to choose between these schools came as a complete surprise and although I should have done more to narrow down my choices by now, I am just now doing so. If any of you interviewed at, have friends/family who go to, or have just been acquainted with these schools, I would really appreciate your opinion! With that said, disregarding in state or out of state, would you choose Indiana, Michigan, or Louisville?

Thanks SDN Community!

Some more Info:

Louisville = All brand new facilities, Super warm welcome with really down to earth people, as they said,"city feel without the drawbacks," cheap city to live in, warmer weather, would do the army scholarship
However, not considered as well rounded of a dental school by some, does not have PBL which I actually consider to be a plus for a school, not as big as Indy=less things to do although they do have the derby and a great culture!

Michigan = "Unofficial" Top Ten Dental School, prestigious tradition, Big Ten college town Ann Arbor, closest to my hometown although I am oos, has Every specialty, would do the army scholarship
However, Cold with lots of snow, Expensive as can be=monthly army stipend doesn't go as far, dare I say a mildly elitist attitude? that may be harsh but they do have a way about them, not as clinic oriented

Indiana = Great tradition as being one of the best dental schools, PBL, still close to home although I've never lived in Indy, explained to me as one of the most well rounded dental schools in the country by multiple people, would Not do the army scholarship
However, Old facilities, 2007 cheating scandal, and I would still be in Indiana
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Jul 17, 2010
First of all, congrats on your multiple acceptances!! I think what would give me (and others) more insight into your thinking process is letting us know what you find important in a school. If it's weather, then knock out Mich, since it'll be nice and cold/windy/snowy for most of the year. If it's newer clinical equipment, then knock out Indiana (haven't interviewed there, but I've read several comments saying that it looks outdated). See where I'm going with this? Make a list of categories of what you want out of a school, and I'm sure you'll be able to get more advice! Hope this helps :)