Aug 2, 2019
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Hey guys I’m a DACA student that just got accepted off the waitlist into NYMC not too long ago. I just found out the school won’t certify my private loan. Under the school’s policy, I am considered an international student, because of this I am required to pay out of pocket like an international student. Are there any international students on here that have some advice? I’m feeling very crushed as this is my only acceptance. I don’t know what to do I’m reaching out to anyone and everyone for help. The first person I talked to in the financial aid office gave me no problems so I was under the impression I could. The next time I called I was told a different answer. I even spoke with the guy in charge of financial aid. I feel very hopeless. After posting on the premed Reddit I was given a lot of good suggestions. I’m thinking of emailing or visiting the dean of the school to speak to him. If I can I’ll defer a year so I can get married to my fiancé and obtain a green card, but I’m not sure how long that will take. I’ve also sent out emails to senators and representatives. My last resort would be a GoFundMe. Does anyone have any other ideas? I’m desperate for a way out of this situation.
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Apr 2, 2019
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This is another one of my concerns. I would certainly wait another year, but that would mean I would have to apply next cycle completely out of pocket (I applied this cycle using the FAP). I am currently working two jobs and not making much in the name of continuing my clinical experience. Is there such a thing as "enough" clinical experience? I have been doing clinical work for about six years now, so would it be ok if I took another job that maybe paid some more but didn't add any hours to my clinical experience? I am in contract with my main job until the beginning of July. This way I could afford to pay for the next cycle in case I skip this upcoming one. I also am worried about what you mentioned @and 99 others, in regards to me foregoing the acceptance. And thanks again for the encouragement. You all have certainly made me feel much better about this whole situation.
I don't see why you would be ineligible for FAP next year, unless you suddenly start making way more than you do now. In which case, your finance problem is also potentially alleviated. Regardless of whether you are eligible for FAP or not, I don't think it would be an issue if you didn't continue with your clinical work given that you've already got 6 years, which is A LOT. I don't know your situation, but I'd still imagine it would be possible to allocate 2 to 4 hours a week to volunteer somewhere meaningful. This would accumulate to quite a lot over 2 years (assuming you took a year off to ensure you get your green card). Again, if this is not possible, it's still not a big deal. Plus, the job itself, even if not clinical, is something you could add to your app that, at the very least, wouldn't reflect negatively.

re: foregoing the acceptance, as others have mentioned, I highly doubt it would be an issue in your case. I could even see it as a testament to your dedication and resilience, as @YCAGA mentioned. I'll defer to someone with admissions experience to give you a more reliable answer, but thinking about it logically, it seems a very valid reason.

Hope this helps and if you wanna DM me with more specific questions, feel free. I wasn't DACA but an international student so I have some experience with how fickle and unaccommodating schools can be with non-citizens/residents.
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