Cardiac Anesthesia job market in Los Angeles

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Aug 11, 2010
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I'm currently finishing up my cardiac fellowship. Due to a recent change in my spouse's job, there's a strong possibility that we are heading to LA.

I was wondering if anyone here is able to provide a general overview (i.e. compensation/benefits structure, average earnings, MD only vs. supervision, etc) of the private practice job market for LA. TBH, I'm not really familiar with jobs in southern California, and we haven't even considered moving there until this recent turn of events for my spouse. (And yes, I know that the cost of living is very high, taxes are high, and everything is expensive over there. :lol:)

Any help/insight would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Bumping one time since I got very few responses - just trying to get some more updated info.

Looking through some the archived threads:

Is the private practice environment mostly still this rough? (i.e. 1099, driving across multiple hospitals, EWYK practices)
Seems like most of the "unicorn" jobs still go to locals via word of mouth? And it's pretty hard for non-California natives to break into the market?
I'm assuming the academic hospital positions (UCLA, Cedars, USC) are also quite underpaid as well?

Thanks again.