Nov 9, 2013
Medical Student
Hello everyone, I am an IMG who will be interviewing at many IM/Peds programs across the country. I have many of my interviews at University Programs but I don't think most of them are what you would consider "top-notch" programs.

My question is, can an IM/Peds resident land a pediatrics cardio or heme/onc fellowship coming from a low/mid tier university program? And if so, what types of activities should I be looking to engage in right off the bat once residency starts so as to give myself the best shot?

Thanks for any advice!

Edit: Do programs interview people they aren't planning on seriously considering? I got a few interviews at places that seem to be above selecting an IMG... Granted my scores are competitive, but it's still a bit unnerving. I've been the only IMG at every place I've interviewed at thus far, and many of the programs have never had an IMG in the past.
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