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Discussion in 'Student Research and Publishing' started by devilwearsprada, Apr 15, 2007.

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    I will be doing a Pulmonary/CCU sub-I (away rotation to be precise) at a place I really want and I plan to make the most of the rotation by writing a case report hopefully.
    I need some advice so I can be more efficient during the short and intense time.
    How do I find unusual cases and is it ok to ask a faculty/resident for help?
    Who or what are the best resources for information related to this?
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    I'm not sure that making the most of a rotation is synonymous with doing a case report, but to answer your question I would say that it's best to know your pulmonary/critical care material well, because the better you know it, the more patients you will get to see, and the higher chance of seeing an unusual patient to do a case report on. I saw a case when I was on medicine during which the resident commented on an unusual feature and said something like: I thought that patients with this risk factor usually get this other disease, not the one the patient actually had. I did some reading on it voluntarily and then gave a mini-presentation a couple of days later and the resident asked me if I was interested in doing a case report. It was actually not my intent, I was just very curious about the case, but that's one way it can happen.

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