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Case western university question


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Mar 31, 2008
Seoul, Korea
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The only negative comments regarding CWUSDM are...

1) Cleveland :)confused:---> Looks nice!)

2) PBL :scared: (Hybrid---> So, we need to know how hybrid PBL works)

Hope someone can give a feedback regarding you guys' curriculum.

Purpose; a) Double-check b) Reference c) Gathering new info
Note; Plz let us know both subjectively and objectively~



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Jan 30, 2006
Near the mesial cervical bulge
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The city of Cleveland does suck, there's no denying that. Fortunately, you don't have to live right in Cleveland, there's plenty of decent towns surrounding the area. The winters are long and crappy, and the summers are hot and humid. But there is stuff to do, you just have to be willing to drive 20-45 minutes or so, which isn't a big deal. As for the "PBL Hybrid", they make it sound like it's some groundbreaking, innovative curriculum. You still will have traditional lectures. At most, you will have three 2-hour PBL sessions per week, and that's only for a portion of your first year. After first year, you don't have any PBL to worry about. For the most part, second and third-year have been fairly traditional as far as the curriculum is concerned. The grading system is pass/fail, although they may still keep a ranking for future classes, especially if/when the NBDE goes to P/F. The school has gotten a bit of a bad rap on SDN from some, but personally I've had a pretty good experience here. I had no problems with any classes, did well on Part I, and have had no difficulty fulfilling requirements in clinic. There are a bunch of stupid hoops they're making us jump through in the clinic, but I think it's mostly in preparation for accreditation next year. By the time you're in clinic, things should be running a little smoother. Hope that helps.


rexadactyl nights
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Aug 16, 2006
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The city is what you make of it. I mean it is cold but every place has down sides. PBL is only the first year and you get a lot of "individual study time" which makes it more relaxed. I have enjoyed it so far here.
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