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Sep 8, 2001
College Station
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Howdy. I was wondering if anyone knows what the deal is with the CASPA rec letter policy. My school has a pre-health committee and they're the ones who send out a "package" to all the schools we apply to with 3 rec letters and a cover page. I read somewhere that CASPA will not accept that. Is this true? My advisor says otherwise but then she also didn't know what department my school's medical terminology course was in...so...anyone who can help ASAP please do.
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Jul 3, 2001
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The letters of recommendation have to be directed to CASPA no to the schools. This is because Caspa will send the same letter to every school you apply to and it is easier for them to deal just with one letter that with several. If these letters were directed to each school, I am afraid your teachers will have to re-type them and send them separated each one to Caspa (also it has to do with authenticity of the letters).
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