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    Sep 17, 2002
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    I'm just a kid, and I fear I have a cavity. I want to get it filled, its just last time I went to my dentist I dont think she gave me enough pain medicine, it was like she was drilling nerve! Am I suppose to feel a bit of pain, or am I not suppose to feel anything at all but the vibration of the drill? I've never felt pain like that before.
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    By pain medicine I assume you mean local anesthetic,
    delivered by injection? There are several possibilities
    for feeling pain, such as you having a low threshold, or
    maybe the dentist missed the nerve by too much. If
    you were taking some drugs or had other medical
    complications at the time it may also affect with the
    spread of the anesthetic.

    My feeling is that here in Canada, the dentist should
    have a responsibility to make sure the patient is
    comfortable, and if you made a gesture during the
    procedure indicating excessive pain something should
    have been done, like another injection. Sorry to hear
    that your experience wasn't so good, but in fact many
    European countries don't use local anesthetics at all
    when filling cavities.

    Hope that helps.
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    hi Badassy,

    Please see your dentist as soon as possible if you feel you have a cavity. By avoiding her----the tooth will only get worse!

    As far as pain----let your dentist know your feeling and your concerns. She will be able to work with you so you feel as comfortable as possible. One suggestion is to ask her to use some Nitrous Oxide (otherwise known as "laughing gas") before giving you an injection or during the procedure. If she feels you would be a good candidate for this ----than all you'll have to do is breathe nitrous through your nose and your off to wonderland.
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