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Oct 18, 2004
So about a month ago I was worried about getting into CCOM. Now that I'm in, the worrying doesn't stop, but just transfers. I've heard so many horror stories about how hard medical school is, how is CCOM as an MS1/MS2? If you study the material, is it difficult to get A's? Does it get better as a second year?

Is there really time to chill or hang out? Do you all go to class, is it necessary? When does anyone ever go out if you always have 730 am MF exams? And if everyone is always studying, how do people have time to get cool with eachother?

Don't get me wrong I'm excited about getting in, but I just don't want to bend over for the next two years, eventhough i know i'll have to take it.

Tell me about your experiences. Appreciate it.


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Jul 3, 2004
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I thought the exams were on Mon. and Thur. (from the schedule I have from interview). Anyways I have similar concern as OP does.


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Jun 13, 2004
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Regardless of what medical school you attend, you will have to study. A lot. I can't tell you what it will take for you to get A's but I would expect to study a lot more than you ever have before. CCOM does have a bit more lecture time than most schools I know of but I don't really see that as a problem. If you learn by going to class you will end up going to class a lot but it will not be wasted time because by actively participating in class you study less outside of class and synthesize the material better. If you don't learn by going to class, then you just don't go. Very few classes are mandatory, and if you learn better by having more time to yourself then you will find yourself doing just that. It's hard to say what will work for you before you have started.

As far as difficulty compared to other medical schools, I don't think anyone will be able to say because I don't know of anyone who has transfered. I suspect that regardless of difficulty and/or amount of class time, you will adapt to the situation in which you find yourself and will do just fine. Medical school is about efficiency more than anything. You wlll quickly notice when you are wasting time with something. You will have time to go out. Probably more than you think you will, but definitely less than you would like.

Exams are in the morning, and yes it is difficult to have a 0900 biochem lecture after taking a 0730 biochem exam but like I said, you will adapt in one way or another. They are not ALWAYS Monday and Friday although that those slots occur more often than others.

Even though you say you won't want to bend over for the next two years, in some way you will. It will NOT be as bad as you are expecting, but it will be very difficult. The good thing is that the majority of people make it!!!!