Feb 19, 2014
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I had a question so i took my test a few days ago and i had a pt who refused treatments in two cases....im not sure what that means does that mean you did something insane and basically you ****ed the case up or? Also most of my cases never said the pt got better or worse most just ended. I.e MI pt ended after i got catheterization, abscess pt ended after antibx etc...


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Aug 20, 2012
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Usually the patient refuses treatment that is not indicated. I've had that happen on a practice case where I thought someone was doing badly enough to require intubation. As I mentioned in another thread, there is no trophy at the end of a case, they end when you've made the definitive intervention.


Had several end abruptly. Some after definitive management, some after ongoing diagnostics where it took a little time to get everything done after I finished chasing plausible but less likely diagnoses and/or tried to be conservative in management.

Also had two or so refused procedures in the real thing. Not unreasonable procedures. Don't know what the deal is there but suspect between 10+ cases and everything else they could score you on in a simulated case, likely not a big deal.
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