Jan 28, 2020
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  1. Occupational Therapy Student
I am planning on taking the Canadian DAT this November 2021 (if it's offered lol). I am Canadian and am hoping to get into Canadian schools. But, I am aware of the competitive nature in Canadian dental schools. This is why, I would like to also apply to American schools, like many others (not discrediting American dental schools competitiveness, both are hard to get into, but Canada has fewer schools).
Anyways, I am wondering is it best for me to just take cDAT this year and submit it to American dental schools? I know a lot of American schools are Canadian-friendly, but I'm not sure, if it would be better for me to take American DAT? I appreciate any help, and also I am currently a second-year, so I will be writing the cDAT *ideally* in my Junior year.
Thanks in advance!!

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