Challenge/adversity secondary topic

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Oct 10, 2017
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I have a topic in mind for the challenge/adversity type of secondary prompt, but I'm feeling a little uncertain about it. It is what most immediately comes to my mind when I think about my life, but I'm not sure how it will be perceived by others. I think I will be able to write very strongly about it, but I'm worried that it might seem silly or a "first world problem" to others. I know this all sounds very vague, and that's because I don't think I can actually describe the topic without compromising my anonymity. If I posted the story, anyone on here who knows me in real life would definitely be able to immediately identify me, and anyone else could probably find out my name if they did some googling. So, I'm wondering there are any adcoms, or others who feel qualified, who would be willing to have me PM them the topic for feedback? If not, I can try to give a very vague version of it here. Thanks in advance!

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