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Apr 22, 2005
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Hello everyone,

If one does decently during the interview (of course, subjective feeling from the interviewee) and shows interest in the program, is there still a chance the program won't rank him/her? This is assuming no follow-up cards/letters were sent, and no follow-up contacts or second looks following the visit.

This is for IM programs in the west coast.

I am just wondering what do applicants have to do (not for obvious reasons) in order to let the program not rank you.

Thank you!


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Oct 11, 2006
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1. Screw up your interview
2. Forget that everything you do, on the phone, via email, during your interview visit, count.
3. Have an LOR arrive that has problems in it. Alternatively, if you were offered an interview before MSPE's were released, if there is something in there that changes the program's mind.
4. Get charged with a felony.

In general, most programs rank most of their interviewees. One flat cost for ranking, so as long as we'd be willing to have you, you'll be on our list.
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